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Got Laundry?

You drop your pants… on the closet floor.
On the back of a chair. Any place but the washer.

Or maybe your laundry´s looking good, because you spent your precious day off washing and drying and
folding and ironing instead of getting work done or catching the game with your family.

Life´s too short! Don´t spend it in the laundry room.

The Greater Philadelphia Area (Google Maps)We dare you to drop your pants-and never do laundry again!
Got Laundry? willdo the work for you. We service the entire greater Philadelphia area. With prices starting
at $1.69 a pound and packages starting at just $16 a week, we´ve got a solution for your busy life.

So is it a pain? Not at all! Just put those pants in a bag and give us a call. We´ll pick them up, sort,
separate, read the labels, wash, dry, fold, organize, stack, pack, and deliver in just two days. For a separate fee,
we´ll even hand iron or dry clean for a perfect finish. Your clothes will look and feel brand new.

Ready to drop your pants, kiss your washer and dryer goodbye, and reclaim your free time? Try Got Laundry?
once, and you´ll get it.

Click around to learn how it works, find the right package for your lifestyle, buy gift certificates, or get started!
Questions? Contact us at 215-971-5408 or info@gotlaundrydelivers.com.

Are you part of a school, hospital, spa, salon, or other organization that´s Got Laundry? Click here to learn
more about our commercial laundry services.

Got Laundry?

Drop your pants-and never do laundry again.

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