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The Got Laundry Family

Life's too short! Don't spend it in the laundry room.

Just put those pants in a bag and give us a call.

We dare you to drop your pants—and never do laundry again! Got Laundry? will do the work for you. We service the entire greater Philadelphia area with great prices and flawless customer service. We've got a solution for your busy life.

Price Per Pound

Our wash-and-fold rate includes pickup and delivery. Just $1.89 per pound for a 2-day turnaround time (rush available on request), with a minimum load of 20 pounds.

Contact us for bulk and commercial rates and special items.

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Measuring your laundry by the pound lets us offer you great prices.

See what 20 pounds of laundry looks like

I'm a fan! I own a small business and I have a four-year-old daughter, so keeping up with laundry is a constant struggle. This wonderful, friendly, family-owned laundry service has kept me sane! Not only do my clothes come back free of stains, perfectly folded, and smelling lovely, they also arrive SORTED, so all I have to do is put them in the drawer and get on with my life. Highly recommended.”


Green Dry Cleaning

When we say Got Laundry? we don’t just mean your grubby old T-shirts. We do your dry cleaning, too!

No more suits hanging in the blind spot of your car window. No more running shirts and dresses down to the dry cleaners. Just hand them to us with your laundry bags and we’ll take it from there. We’ll deliver them with the rest of your laundry, pressed and perfect within 3 days. We offer green dry cleaning—that means no harsh chemicals like PERC. We also use high-efficiency processes to save energy.





2-Piece Suits


3-Piece Suits


Sport Coats/Blazers


Golf Shirts











Short $10.00 / Long $12.00




This is absolutely the best business that I have encountered. Every person that you talk to is kind, responsive and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I have not been at the store location but I have done the wash/fold/delivery service twice now—and it has not disappointed! They will come between 6:30–7:30am so you can deal with laundry before work—and bring it back again the same time in 2 days. The laundry seems to have been washed with care, no wrinkles, nice folding, smells clean! The bill is e-mailed to you the same day, they send you appointment and text reminders... so easy! I plan to keep scheduling appointments here as long as I'm in the area.”

— K. F.


Got Laundry? If you’re a school, restaurant, hospital, clinic, or other institution, you definitely do. Got Laundry? can help—and we’ll do it at a better price than you’re paying now. Once you’ve experienced our level of quality and service, you’ll never go back. Contact us for pricing!

For Students

Never wear your PJs to class again. (Unless, of course, you want to.) Doing laundry in a dorm or apartment building gets old—fast. And you can’t always take your clothes home to Mom and Dad. If you’re not in the mood to hoard your quarters, fight over other people’s abandoned wet shirts, or sacrifice your study (and sleep!) time, sign up for a Got Laundry? student package!

For one flat fee, payable at the beginning of each semester, we’ll pick up and deliver your clothes at the same time and place every week. You can relax knowing you’ll always be looking your best for that cute lab partner in chemistry class. And if your cute lab partner signs up for our service? YOU get a discount.

Student Packages

Got Laundry? will pick up, sort, wash, dry, fold, and deliver your laundry each week for the entire semester. Our packages are priced by weight.

The Minimalist

25 pounds a week

$346/semester (less than $25/week)


You can sign up even AFTER the semester starts!

*For just $3 more per week, get 5 EXTRA POUNDS of laundry every week for the ENTIRE semester! If you tend to build up a lot of laundry each week or want to share a laundry package with a friend, this is the package for you.

We also offer comforter and pillow service

(priced separately), so you can rest easy on clean sheets—and avoid that funky “dorm smell.” Ask us about custom packages and dry cleaning!

For Employers

It’s hard to be the boss during the Great Recession. If you’re like most employers, you’ve probably had to cut back on hiring, salaries, and benefits. Your people are working harder and harder and getting less. Why not show them they’re appreciated with a benefit that will make their lives easier, help them be more productive, and won’t cost you a fortune? Got Laundry? offers laundry benefit packages for employers.

You get discounted bulk rates. Your employees get perfectly cleaned, folded, and sorted laundry without spending their off hours slaving in the laundry room. They get to enjoy their evenings and weekends, so they can focus on their work during the day—and look good while they work, too. Employees can bring their laundry to work, or we can arrange pickups at their homes.

Got Laundry? provides laundry benefits for the 107 employees of KIPP Charter School in Philadelphia. It’s a godsend for hardworking teachers!

Got Laundry? is super awesome. The laundry machine at my apartment is broken and I'm on crutches without a car so I had no way to do my laundry! When I told Ray that I was giving him basically all of my clothes he rushed it and got it back to me the next day! (35 lbs of clothes AND dry cleaning as well!) Everything was perfectly folded and smells really good too :) Definitely check Got Laundry? out for your laundry—I know I'm going to be a return customer!”



Since everybody in the world’s got laundry, a Got Laundry? gift certificate is the gift that never fails. Got Laundry? services are perfect for:

New Parents

We use mild, baby-friendly soap on those tiny little onesies and diapers, and we’re great at getting spit-up stains out of your best suit. (Sleep-deprived, overwhelmed working parents will LOVE you for it!)

Senior Citizens

If you’re worried about your aging parents or grandparents carrying laundry up and down the stairs, why risk a nasty fall? Got Laundry? will do the heavy lifting while they relax.


If your graduate is headed to college, help her find time to study by signing her up for one of our student packages! Or treat a college grad to laundry service in his or her new apartment.


Give the happy couple time to enjoy their new marriage—and we’ll take care of the sheets. Got Laundry? saves relationships! We should know—it saved ours.


The last thing a beautiful new home needs is piles of laundry growing in every closet. Help them keep it sparkling clean with one, three, or even six months of Got Laundry? service.

Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, and More

This affordable luxury is the perfect way to give someone special the freedom and relaxation they deserve.

To purchase, CLICK HERE

Alterations & Repairs

Taking proper care of your clothes can add years to their life—saving you money. You already trust us with your laundry, so let us help you keep your clothes looking and fitting their best. We do alterations and repairs for very reasonable rates.

Whether it’s fixing a broken zipper, replacing a button, letting out a hem, or re-fitting a whole garment to fit you perfectly, Got Laundry? will take care of it! Contact us for details and prices.